Десятка самых крутых пешеходных маршрутов в Нью Йорке

Есть ли в мире город для пешеходных экскурсий лучше Нью -Йорка ? Как утверждает журнал Тайм Аут Нью-Йорк , даже задавать такой вопрос довольно странно,  В Нью Йорке можно найти интереснейшие пешеходные маршруты для людей абсолютно разных вкусов, стилей и мировозрений.

New York City has a walk to suit everyone’s strolling style, from outdoorsy types to urbanites.
Fans of rooftop bars will find their dream walk here, graffiti fans can check out one of the many spots to see street art, and if an amble through one of NYC’s best parks is what you crave, we’ve got the walk for you.

This elevated stretch of greenery is one of NYC’s most beloved walks—here’s why

Get your fill of the city’s art scene for free

Get a glimpse of the latest works to spatter the industrial ’hood

Go on—let yourself get house-envy on this pretty Park Slope walk

Brooklyn Heights offers old-world charm in a modern city

Down artisanal brews at cool bars with roof decks, gardens and backyards

Some of the best views of NYC, plain and simple

A (very cool) taste of the ’burbs with some cocktails

Wave Hill offers a supremely scenic escape—without the trek to the countryside


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